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The Parliament building is a landmark like no other. It is the storied seat of Canadian democracy - and a unique architectural wonder. Step inside in virtual reality, online or in the classroom, and experience a truly iconic space.

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The Virtual Reality Experience

Winner of the Prix Gémeaux for Best Interactive Experience (French-language version)

This immersive journey takes you deep into the heart of Parliament, where historic spaces spring to life with magic realism. This groundbreaking VR experience combines photorealism with vivid sound, colour and light. Also available in 360° video on Oculus, YouTube and Facebook for mobile-based headsets.

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Please refer to your VR equipment's health and safety manual, including hygiene guidelines, before using this experience.

The Online Experience

Democracy is at your fingertips in this richly illustrated experience. Scroll through Parliament and watch as the building emerges around you, its walls filled with voices from Canada's past. Accessible from any mobile or desktop device.

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The Classroom Experience

This unique experience brings Parliament to your students, in class or online. Take them on an unforgettable journey in 360° video, exploring iconic spaces and learning how Canadian democracy works. The experience is suitable for in-class and remote learning, and it includes four supporting lesson plans.

Please note that the distribution of Virtual Reality Classroom Kits has been postponed due to COVID-19.

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About the Virtual Experience

Parliament is the heart of Canada's federal democracy. For more than 100 years, its seat was the iconic Centre Block. Home to the Senate and the House of Commons, the building was the site of debates and decisions that shaped our country.

Centre Block has closed its doors for long-term renovations, but Parliament: The Virtual Experience invites you to experience it through innovative technologies. Online, in virtual reality or in the classroom, you will be transported through Centre Block's most iconic spaces: the Senate, House of Commons, Library of Parliament and Peace Tower. Each one offers a new perspective on Parliament - its history, its art and its role in the lives of Canadians, today and in the future.

Parliament: The Virtual Experience is a co-production by the Library of Parliament and the National Film Board of Canada.

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